North Belmont Elementary

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North Belmont Elementary is a medium sized school with
about 360 students. Our mascot is the screaming eagle. School is located in Belmont, North Carolina. Our school has PK - grade 5. We have an auditorium, track, and awesome playground. We have Math Masters, Battle of the Books, Green Team, Character Cops, Girls on the Run,
Student Council, and Robotics. We are getting ready for our annual talent show. Our school annoucements air every morning, Monday through Friday.

Our class has 23 students in the fifth grade. Our class is learning how to multiply decimals, about the human body systems, summarize stories, and western expansion. Our specials are P.E., art, music, media, guidance, and computers. We are getting ready to go to Carowinds and Catawba Science Center.

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