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This is a link to an Irish website which has 80 excellent resources on St. Patrick. The word Seromraranga means classroom. There are lots of other very useful resources for use in the classroom on this website!

This is Brian O'Driscoll, Ireland's greatest ever rugby player. He played his last home game for Ireland on 08/03/2014

It is Springtime in Ireland. The Irish word for Spring is An tEarrach. Here we are admiring the daffodils growing in our school garden :-)

http://www.rasaint.net/ - Glitter Graphics
http://www.gigaglitters.com/ - Glitter Graphics
Hi there, I see you are also taking part in this 24hr Skype session. I am organising one myself which is going to take place on April 10th, I would love it if you could be part of it. Please look at the attached link