Hilliard Horizon Elementary School is located in the Hilliard City School District, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Our school is k-5 with just over 600 students. The class working on this project is a fourth grade room with 27 students, 13 girls and 14 boys. We participate in music, art and physical education classes. In fourth grade, we get to participate in a program called Momentum. This is a weekly dance class taught by the local ballet company called BalletMet. It sounds like we would only do ballet, but we are actually learning two dances with very athletic moves.

We've had many calamity days this year, many due to very cold temperatures. How/when do you close school? Do you have to make up work on those days?

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Our Momentum Big Four are:

#1. Do my best!
#2. Work hard.
#3. Never give up!
#4. Be fit!