Classroom learning ideas. (Please add more)

Compare and Contrast: Students choose two countries to compare and contrast populations or data from the chart and discuss how geographical location effected population.

Informational writing: Students choose a country’s posting and write an informational piece after researching.

Writing: Students write an ad or persuasive text for their country then create either a video, presentation or toontastic. Comments on pages.

Data and graphing: We use the data from around the world to graph and chart. Learn about mean, median, mode while comparing the countries.

Maths : Reading large numbers from the chart. Comparing numbers and data. Ordering

Culture: Throughout the project, we discuss culture as we Skype, discuss, interact with students and teachers. Traditions.

Reading: Students read the school's pages and then make comments about the pages. Questions may be asked as well.

Formulating fat questions V skinny questions. (can be answered yes/or no)

Speaking and listening: Students introduce themselves and welcome the guests to the skype. Students listen to others and then ask appropriate questions from what they have heard.
Students tell about their learning. Students thank our guests for participating.

Finding information about countries such as flags, capitals etc.
Geography - explore the globe, find countries etc.
Time zones - Why do we have them? How do they work?

ICT skills

Using a wiki - navigating, adding comments, embedding, uploading images, video, audio and editing pages.
Reading/creating a spreadsheet, filling in a table.
Using skype
Using twitter ( as a broadcasting tool during the skype)